Valentine's Day
Ideas to make your retail store the favorite
for shoppers on Valentine's Day

Everyone knows about this lover day, which is one of the most commercials of the year. Everywhere you go, you may see red, white, and pink decorations, cupids holding onto ceilings, and mannequins in red clothes, but do you wonder if that is the right strategy to increase sales?

Take a look at how changing that actions, you can improve your sales and guarantee the increase, and at the same time, create points and a loyalty program.

It’s true that customers are visual and go through what comes to their attention first. A visual marketing strategy and decorations are the clues to build traffic to our Business. We need to create an environment where because can be impacted with colors, designs, textures, and innovative things, so you can choose a specific theme to develop in your decoration; not only a General Valentine’s Day with a typical heart but here some ideas:  

  1. Create your store mascot, where the mascot can interact with customers.
  2. Create a special photo booth to entertain people while they shop for their gifts.
  3. Design innovative envelopes and bags for customer gifts.
  4. Create love movie scenes, with the mannequins, where customers can play guess the name of the movie, and thus they will receive a special discount or a gift.
  5. Create a love zone or fiend zone where you can display your promotions, and special items, or even create a cross-sell by giving them atypical purchase options.
  6. Also, you can allocate a specific zone for those who don’t have enough time to shop and need a quick gift, this will be a great opportunity to promote your gift cards.

Simplify your business with VELAPOS

A suite of tools made just for retailers—tools that help you run your store end to end.

It does not matter what visual strategy you can create; the most important thing is how you can encourage your clients, so they find your store attractive and valuable.

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day when you need to manage your inventory correctly, make your orders increase at least 50% more than your regular orders, and take count of your online orders.

VelaPOS help you to do the right schedule for your employees, allowing you to have enough people working and helping customers. Make your payments easy and faster using technology to avoid long lines, and if your budget allows, you can include Kiosks to give other options to your customer’s needs.

Remember always pay attention to your Loyalty programs giving them a special treat, with this you can attract more customers to your program and increase your regular sales. If you want to use coupons or special promos, remember VelaPOS can do your job effectively and efficiently.

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