The perfect tools for retail business success

At VELA POS, we understand the unique challenges that retail businesses face in today’s competitive market. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop solution, including a comprehensive cloud-based point of sale system, designed specifically for retail. 

We’ll explore various topics related to point of sale hardware and software including inventory management, payment options, and more. 

1. One-stop solution for all your business needs

Running a successful retail business requires doing multiple tasks and processes. Our comprehensive POS solution contains everything you need to facilitate your operations, manage inventory, process payments, and monitor your business performance.

Simplify your business with VELAPOS

Discover how our all-in-one POS system can be your maximum business companion. 

2. POS Hardware

Choosing the right POS hardware is crucial for the smooth functioning of your retail business. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right hardware that fits your business size and requirements, from cash registers to barcode scanners.

3. Retail inventory management system

Managing inventory can be a challenging task, especially for retail stores with a wide range of products. Learn how our retail POS software simplifies inventory management, tracks stock levels, automate reordering, and provides insights to optimize your pet store’s inventory. 

4. Scan ID for age verification

For businesses that require age verification, such as liquor stores or tobacco shops, VELA POS offers a fast and easy ID scanning feature. Discover how this feature provides compliance with age restrictions and simplifies the age verification process for your customers. 

5. Payment options, including EMV chip cards, magnet strips, and NFC

In today’s digital age, customers expect multiple payment options. VELA POS supports a wide range of payment methods, including EMV chip cards, magnet strips, and NFC. 

6. Monitor your business performance in real-time

Make data-driven decisions with VELA POS’s real-time reporting and analytics feature. We’ll show you how to monitor inventory, identify trends, and gain insights into your business performance. 

Learn how our flexible system can be customized to fit your specific industry requirements and scale as your business grows. 

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