Christmas Shopping
Ways to reduce stress and improve business
during the holiday season

Christmas can be the happiest time of the year or the most stressful time for business owners. In 2020 alone total holiday retail sales reached 789.4 billion dollars. With proper preparation and business tools, stores can increase their revenue, bolster their business, and avoid stress during the holidays.

1. Prepare for the Holiday rush  

60% of US consumers start their Christmas shopping before December. With that in mind, retailers must be prepared ahead of time to take advantage of holiday spending. This includes store preparations, holiday promotions, inventory, and staffing. Save on labor costs and time through the proper POS system.

2. Streamline sales 

When we talk about in-store sales usually comes a bit headache thinking about how to deal with a large number of customers in front of us, solve problems, support our team, and why not order and increase our inventory. To help with that holiday stress, you need to manage your POS system whenever you are, checking your numbers (sales and inventory) in real-time.

3. Online orders, deliveries, shipping, and returns everything integrated 

Less stress accurately managing your sales, support your sales, and reduce time and save money doing a proper planification. Keep in mind that US consumers are looking for new options to do their purchases they can skip visiting the store especially elder people or Business executives who opt for online shopping where they can do simple steps and safety processes. In other words, your online orders, deliveries, shipping, and loyalty sales could be showing an automatic increment. 

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4. Create specific promos, discounts, and seasonal deals 

Customers enjoy knowing that they are receiving more than they expected. Make sure you are prepared for your holiday promotions ahead of time. Holiday retail reached over $886 billion. Discounts, coupons, and special prices could be the best way, you can set up specific dates and times to take advantage of the Christmas season either way in store or online.

5. Increase traffic on slow days 

Making a difference by creating a nice environment where people can feel welcome, again you can take advantage of it. One of the major options would be Gift Card Programs and Loyalty Programs where you can invite them as a “special loyalty customer day” or Bogo Gift Card promos. The strategy to this, would be that the more they feel special they would feel part of your business.  

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