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Introducing Vela

Retail Cloud POS

Te most powerful POS software with over 25 years of industry expertise. Vela is designed to revolutionize retail management.

Power up your payments

Boost your sales and provide top-quality service thanks to the integration of Vela with CardConnect.

Free credit card integration with CardPointe.

Multiple credit card terminal options.

Complete POS hardware solutions.

Optional on-site installation.

Technical Support.

Agent benefits

  • The agent keeps 100% of the merchant service revenue.
  • Vela offers Dual Pricing.
  • Sales support teams resolve any POS issues.
  • The simplified ordering process ensures smooth sales.
  • All hardware is tested in-house before shipping.
  • Vela provides sales videos for merchant introduction.
  • Vela offers technical and customer support for every issue.

Agent boarding process

Request the Vela commercialized sales code through ticket on copilot.

Vela sets up your agent account and provides you with the communication channel.

Vela offers you individualized training, training videos, and follow-up training.

Start selling merchant services with Vela.

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