Most Powerful ERP Solution
for Small Retail Business

Simple and Powerful HQ solution provides easy management for Multiple Locations

Easiest Multi-Location Management.

Take benefit of Cloud-based Vela ERP system and manage Multiple Locations at once.
From inventory to supply chain management to billing and financial and beyond, do it all at once at one place.

HQ Solution

Vela HQ Solution will deliver intuitive and precise data to Headquarter allowing access to sales, inventory, employee, and financial. 

Processor Integration

Don’t hesitate if you are tied to specific card processor. Vela Point-of-Sales can integrate several different card processor. 

Complete Cloud Base

Don’t worry about any error due to being disconnected or losing data. Vela ERP system based on cloud server will keep you with back up and you don’t need physical server to do so.

POS Solution

Our POS Solution integrates seamlessly into Vela EPR system. 

Real-time Sales/Inventory Report

Check each locations’ condition through HQ solution that can check Sales, Inventory, and Customer List live-time with less than 5 seconds delay.

eCommerce Integration

Build your e-commerce department with Shopify and Vela ERP system. Cloud ERP system lets you sell and manage from every store location and warehouse.


Manage and take care of your customers list and connect it to what customers buy and prefer. Contact List will be a huge asset to business.


Connect your POS to Accounting system. The integration will make your bookkeeping job quick and easy.